Will Abs After 40 Workout Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels?

Losing weight in your 20’s and 30’s is simple. All it takes is for you to eat a tad bit less and move more. You can eat anything you want and whenever you want it and still remain size 8. But once you reach 40, all this changes. And it has nothing to do with you. Blame it on your hormones. They aren’t working as they used to. But do not despair. Abs After 40 program reveals what you can do to remain trim even after you hit 40 years.

What Is Abs After 40?

Abs After 40, put simply, is a fitness training program that promises to assist men past 40 get back into better shape. The program comprises nutritional plans and exercise routines put together by Mark Mcilyar. Mark himself is aged 53 years and is the best shape ever. In a YouTube video, Mark is more than happy to show off his rock hard chest and six-pack abs. In the video, Mark says that he is in way better shape now than he was in his 20’s and early 30’s.

How Does This Fitness Program Work?

The whole Abs After 40 program is divided into 3 different phases. These are explained below:

lower abs workout abs after 40Phase One: Fat Loss Jumpstart
This phase is restarts the ability of your body to burn fats. This is because in you 20s and 30s, your body’s production of testosterone hormone starts to decline. This also affects your body’s ability to burn fats. For this reason, it is important that you adopt a completely different method of working out.

Phase 2 – Male Hormone Optimization:
This phase is designed to get testosterone production to the levels that can help you burn off fat easily. Increased levels of testosterone not only helps you burn more fats but is also great for your sex drive.

Phase 3: Full Auto Fat Burning Mode
This phase is all about ensuring that your hard work does not go in vain. Once you get your hormones to be truly balanced, fat loss efforts will surely start to speed up, and you will realize those abs in no time at all.

The Benefits From Abs After 40

If you are male and you are past 40 years and you want to have the best shape as you had in your 30’s, the Abs After 40 program is for you. This nutritional and workout program is meant specifically for you. Abs After 40, unlike most other programs that you will find on the market today, is specially designed for older guys. Everything you will see in the market is for the young guys. And if you are using a program designed for the younger guys, it won’t work for you. This is because the testosterone hormone production declines naturally as you become older.

About Mark Mcilyar: The Creator Of The Program

The brains behind Abs After 40 Mark, is no stranger to fitness. At 53, he sports some wonderfully abs. he looks super healthy, is ripped and has defined looks. But he says he didn’t have this great body in his 30s.
Mark swears that he is enjoying the best shape of his life. He himself went through a period when he had flabby stomach and a body he certainly was not be proud of. He is a true testament to the fact that the program works.

The Pros And Cons Of The Fitness Program

• It has received positive reviews from people who swear it has helped them get great abs and great health.

• Unlike many programs in the market Abs After 40 advantages  advocates for safe and natural ways of boosting testosterone production by your body.

The workouts spelled out in the program appreciate the fact that you are not getting any younger and therefore cater to your joint.

• The program has loads of nutritional advice to help you live healthily.

Cons: This is not some kind of a magic wand that will work on its own and deliver wonderful results overnight. It needs time and work. Apart from the stipulated workouts, you will also need to follow a strict nutritional guideline. So if you are looking for a magic bullet, this is not it.

Conclusion: Mark Mcilyar’s Abs After 40 is a program designed for males over 40. It advocates for the use of natural and safe ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally. Once your body is able to produce the same amount of testosterone as when you were in your thirties, you can burn off fats much more easily. Judging by the many positive reviews it has received, we recommend it.

Fight Health Problems From The Inside With Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural compound, which is the fossilized remains of some microorganisms well-known as diatoms and not exactly earth. It is produced from small phytoplankton and the final product could be used readily after it is excavated from the sea beds and processed efficiently through the correct procedures.

This product contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, and, most importantly, silica, which is the trace mineral, that has such a direct relationship with the absorption of minerals into the body for it to remain healthy. The minerals in DE improve bodily processes and general health. Note that, DE is mainly Silica or silica dioxide, which is about eighty-four percent (84%).

The Importance Of Silica In The Body

Science already proved that silica is the particular mineral required imperiously for human existence, it is for this reason, that the natural substance is highly beneficial when consumed by human beings and all other animals.

Silica has many health benefits, which include minimizing bad cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure among others. These are the two major health issues triggered by modern existence, and everyone who has used this product has reported a significant reduction in both blood pressure and cholesterol levels. No surprise the product is in such high demands in the recent past.

Silica is also required for healthy bones, besides a tough bone structure. Most people who complain about joint problems have obtained incredible results by using Diatomaceous Earth. Many do not know that supplements alone cannot do anything if this involves joint discomfort in senior years. You will need silica to kick-start your body’s self-healing mechanism. Even brittle bones patients have obtained excellent results by utilizing Diatomaceous Earth. It is even stated to avoid and reduce the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s by removing aluminum absorption from the body.

Silica Abundant Diatomaceous Earth Aids in Skin Cell Re-Growth

diatomaceous earth benefitsThe skin needs silica to maintain the entire process of cell re-growth, in time therefore silica comes in handy as a cosmetic solution. The skin begins to deteriorate as we grow older, and the skin cells cease to regenerating fast enough to maintain the skin looking firm and smooth therefore we develop loose skin and facial lines. However, with silica, this process is enhanced, and your skin begins to turn more youthful.

Silica is of benefit to hair too just as it is to other parts of the body. Diatomaceous Earth actually works miracles for the hair by making it stronger and healthier from the roots. Consequently, you will experience less breakage and more healthy hair. In addition, since all of this is going on from inside you, you will find that the alterations are entirely natural and lengthy remaining.

The continuous use of this product helps one to develop nicotine gums and healthy teeth with the help of silica. Moreover, it improves the health of your nail plates by making them more robust and not fragile.

Diatomaceous Earth improves digestion and can be used as a colon cleanser. It gets rid of the unwanted organisms and intestinal earthworms whenever food-grade DE is consumed in recommended quantities. By doing so, the nutrition you gain from foods is adequately absorbed therefore reducing the likelihood of getting heartburns. This also encourages healthy and normal bowel movements. Consequently, developing colon-related disorders is forestalled naturally. It is not even as aggressive towards the intestinal mucosa or barrier walls, regardless of its dynamic characteristic in preventing illnesses.

In conclusion, Diatomaceous Earth is among the best treatments for some our everyday health issues. And there are even uses for the home, like pests control for plants and bugs. It helps you fight health problems from the inside, therefore, providing you with a healthier and more permanent solution that artificial cures cannot offer.

Is Geniux the Answer To Unleashing Your Brain Power?

Just about everybody has some goals to accomplish in life, including success to it. Regardless of what kind of industry you are in, it is important to make yourself fit both mentally and physically. However, with age and time passing by, the body starts to get weak with regard to the mental and physical energy levels. Having said that, aging is not always the main reason of reduced energy, memory loss and weak health. There are other factors that contribute toward this forgetfulness, poor cognitive skill, etc. In such conditions, you need a natural dietary supplement like Geniux.

Geniux is a nootropic pill that contains natural ingredients to boost the various parts of the human brain. And better yet, nootropics are natural. To the general public there is an atmosphere of ignorance in not knowing what pharmaceutical drugs contain, these are prescribed normally and people still don’t know how harmful they can be.

By taking this nutritional supplement regularly, it can greatly improve your memory, concentration and focus. It is a complex package that is made up of a number of essential energy and brain enhancing ingredients. This package contains capsules, wherein several components are crushed and combined to create a potent pill that helps increase the mental and physical strength. This dietary supplement also increases the IQ level, enabling you to discover and understand figures and facts accordingly minus the hassle and delay.

It believes in the saying that health is wealth, because a healthy mind is a representation of a healthy body. Your daily life becomes more active and enjoyable when you have a healthy and sharp mind. You can easily achieve the many positive results with Geniux

What Comes in an Geniux Box?

Geniux comes in capsule form. It easily melts in the body and then quickly works on the healthy performance of the brain. A bottle contains 30 brain enhancement complex capsules. Geniux is recommended to take one capsule of it in the morning, and it is enough for a full day.

Features and Other Details

geniux reviewGeniux is the ultimate brain booster that promotes higher thinking process, and increases memory and concentration levels. Consuming this is a smarter and powerful way to accomplish more output out of your busy day. This formula has been clinically proven to aid in the speed of memory and focus, while boosting the health of the brain.

Geniux is a blend of safe and natural ingredients that have greater functionality to your brain. It provides a sense of protection by improving your brain from short term and long term memory. Given below are its active ingredients:
· Vinpocetine
· Alpha GPC
· Huperzine A
· Bacopa Monnieri
· Gaba
· Tyrosine

Feedback from Current Users

Many users of Geniux claimed that they have performed well both personally and professionally due to their consistent consumption. It contributed greatly in refreshing their brain nerves and taking care of the delicate structure of the nerves and cells. It also increased their motivation and enthusiasm. It also enabled them in processing data in a fast manner by giving them a sharp thought process.

Pros and Cons
Here are more of its benefits:
· Natural and herbal elements
· Enhances blood circulation
· Improves cognitive functions
· Balances mood swings
· No more uneasiness and discomfort
· Increases brain power
· Improves mental energy
· Boosts focus and concentration
· Enhances mental clarity
· Improves overall health

Geniux has no known side effects. It’s is a safe and natural product that you can use without having to fear anything. It does not contain any chemical or artificial substance that can harm you in an adverse manner.

Who Should Buy and Use Geniux?

With aging, the memory cells of the individual also age which results in much less coordination between all of them, and the brain becomes slow. Therefore, it is recommended for both men and women as it is the best brain boosting supplement that postpones the early stage of memory loss.

If you need to learn or stay in prolonged focus, but you are experiencing depression and feel that you are unable to cope, then grab . If you have problems with stress and fatigue, then it is also a great pill for you.

Restarting the power of the brain by going back to its initial stage is the main function of Geniux. It is a recommended supplement by health experts and doctors. It can help you in remembering things for a long time. This nootropic pill also gives people the opportunity to live and feel young, even while growing older. This is a brain boosting product that can help you in every stage of you life. While consuming this product, there is no hindrance in the road to learning and remembering numerous things.